Support for those involved in Foster Care
Overcomers is a group of people that love Jesus and love one another with a desire to share this love with those involved in the foster care system. This involves providing support for foster care families, children and youth in foster care, and for those that have aged out of the foster care system.

This missional church meets together 2-3 times per month for encouragement, to connect and build relationships with new people, and to serve together. Each member of this church is also encouraged to find ways to support those involved in Foster Care in practical ways as individuals and families as well. For some this means actually being a Foster Home and for others it involves finding different creative ways to offer their support and love.

If you have a passion to help children or youth that are going through some challenging obstacles in their lives then Overcomers may be for you. Click the link below to find out more about being a part of Overcomers.

Contact: Lisa Arrington

Overcomers Children in Care Christmas Gifts UPDATE

This Christmas season, Overcomers was delighted to serve the children who are in care by purchasing them each a duffel bag; they will be able to have this bag for many years to come for when they need to pack their belongings. We do not want any of them having to pack their things in a plastic garbage bag and so it was especially important to us that each child got a nice duffel bag for Christmas. Not only that, but each duffel bag was filled, I am talking packed out folks, with amazing gifts! Each bag received a weighted blanket and some sort of nice pillow along with other items such as, clothing, games, hygiene products, throws, art supplies, gift cards, and toys. The bags turned out exceptional and every child on our list was blessed!

A huge thank you goes out to all our sponsors and doners who made this huge gift to these children possible. Overcomers partnered with a group called Higher Purpose as well as individuals in our community. We were able to sponsor 27 children in care this Christmas! Praise Him! The bags were delivered to the ministry offices with the social workers who are delivering them to each of their children for Christmas. We are grateful for all that God has done and look forward to the future and how we can partner together to care for the children.

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