Pitt Meadows Location



COTR In Pitt Meadows

We LOVE our community! That's right, Church On The Rock has been in Pitt Meadows for going on 6 years now and everyday we grow more and more in love with the Pitt Meadows community. Our desire is to serve the community with no strings attached and to share the love of Jesus with them. 

We do this through so many different means. From block parties, to Pitt Meadows Day, to sports camps, to summer camps and work days at the Housing Co-ops and everything in-between, the truth is we want to live lives of impact right in the neighborhoods in which we live. That means that we simply want to make a difference with the love of Jesus right in Pitt Meadows. Our prayer is that the Lord would continue to use us for His glory and to bring more and more people into His eternal kingdom right from Pitt Meadows. Every year we look more and more forward to getting involved with the community both with events already going and especially when new opportunities arise...why? Because we LOVE our community!