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 Where COTR Albion Began

Church on the Rock Albion got it's start in Maple Ridge (Albion Neighborhood) in November 2015. Shaun and Whitney Lynch after having served as a Youth Minister, Church Planter, and Pastor in Texas, and upon praying about church planting again and taking a trip to Vancouver began praying about how the Lord would use them to help COTR with what they were already doing in Metro Vancouver, never knowing that the Lord was actually calling them to come and begin implementing His vision for reaching people with the Gospel and planting churches. After beginning with meeting for Worship at Albion Elementary and now meeting at the Northridge Community HUB building (22899 Dewdney Trunk Rd.), then progressing with a small core group to developing a life group, COTR Maple Ridge is now serving the community of Maple Ridge with no strings attached, all the while keeping the aim of making disciples, developing leaders, and sending them out to plant churches in the Greater Vancouver Area and around the world. The goal of serving Maple Ridge with no strings attached comes with the desire for COTR to become a staple of servanthood in the community. In the years to come, COTR  will look to birth a daughter church plant in the neighboring community of Mission, B.C.  With the vision to continue planting churches, COTR will look to make that happen by the grace of God and will continue to seek new locations for Church On the Rock throughout the Fraser Valley.


Vision of COTR

The vision of Church On the Rock is simple in that we exist to make disciples, develop leaders, and to send them out to live lives of impact right where they live. We strive to serve our community and in turn to impact the world. We want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and walk through life with believers who have put their trust in the Lord for salvation, while continuing to preach the Gospel to those who may have never heard the name of Jesus. Along with that, we desire to develop leaders and lead people who are believers to understand that God has given them talents and abilities to be used for His glory within the church and in the community. In so doing, the goal is to serve with no strings attached to the glory of God and impact our neighborhoods and communities as a whole. Finally, our aim is to send those leaders out to plant new churches in the neighborhoods in which they live, and around the world.